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  • National Standards for Grades 2-5


    Learn about the wind, where it comes from, how it moves and it patterns. Learn to measure the wind using the Beaufort scale, a wind vane, and an anemometer. Contains materials and instructions for building 30 wind vanes and 30 anemometers. Culminates in a kite building contest. 1 hour for instruction, 45 minutes for each building project.

    Windy Weather Projects

    SKU: 1-016
      • Paper Plates
      • Straws
      • Paper Condiment Cups
      • Push Pins
      • Straight Pins
      • Modeling Clay
      • Compasses
      • Card Stock
      • Scissors
      • Markers
    • Sh. wt. 10lbs, DIM 19” x 12” x 5”

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