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Kemtec provides classroom-ready educational kits that promote hands-on learning experiences for all ages.


Each Kemtec kit is an out of the box solution which offers innovative experiments that excite, encourage and inspire students to learn. Kemtec kits are the perfect complement to existing curriculum, making them convenient for teachers and engaging for students.


What differentiates Kemtec kits from others in the market? 

  • Greater depth of topic coverage 

  • Spiraling content allows students to build their knowledge base by incorporating skills from previous activities 

  • Multiple activities provide more opportunities to assess student mastery of the topic addressed in each kit 

Kemtec kits cover a variety of subjects including:

  • Biology

  • Blood Typing

  • Chemistry / AP Chemistry

  • Consumer Science

  • Forensics

  • Physical Science

  • Marine Biology

  • Elementary

  • Earth Science

  • Life Science

  • Environmental Science

  • Physics

  • STEM


Kemtec is a brand of AquaPhoenix Scientific, a manufacturer and distributor specializing in custom kitting, custom packaging, chemical manufacturing and product sourcing. AquaPhoenix Scientific is based in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers and provide the best possible customer experience by continually improving our service, products and operations.

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