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National Standards for Grade Levels 6-14


Our unique water testing saddlebag is perfect for those who are interested in environmental sciences. Designed primarily for testing the effects of water pollution in fresh water systems. This saddlebag is ideal for outdoor use as it is designed to be worn over the shoulder, on the side of the body for safety and easy access. Each test kit has enough materials to perform over 100 tests and can be used for a class of 30 students or more. Step-by-step laminated picture instructions, an instructor’s manual with background information, reproducible student data sheets, and color-coded reagents are included. Saddlebag contains the following: total alkalinity test kit 1 drop=10ppm as CaCO3, acidity test kit 1 drop=2 or 10ppm as CaCO3, total hardness test kit 1 drop=10ppm as CaCO3, dissolved oxygen test kit (0-10ppm), 25 nitrate test strips (0-50ppm), 100 pH test strips (2-9 range) and 10 pH Color Cards.

Water Testing Saddlebag

SKU: TK5800-Z
    • Instructor' Manual, Chemical Resistant Instruction Sheets
    • Total Alkalinity Test Kit 1 drop=10ppm as CaCO3
    • Acidity Test Kit 1 drop=2 or 10ppm as CaCO3
    • Total Hardness Test Kit 1 drop=10ppm as CaCO3
    • Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit (0-10ppm)
    • 25 Nitrate Test Strips (0-50ppm)
    • 100 pH Test Strips (2-9 range) 
    • 10 pH Color Cards
  • Sh. wt. 7lbs, DIM 20” x 20” x 12”

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