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National Standards for Grades 6-12


Learn about the water cycle, water treatment, and how the Earth filters groundwater. Students design a filtration system, select filtering materials, build a filter, test filtration effectiveness, and compare the success of their design to those of others. Students also build a solar powered still for purifying or desalinating water. A great accompaniment for studying human effects on the environment, water purification, or designing water filtration systems for third world countries.


For modeling water filtration only, order Kemtec #9-303, Ground Water Models Class Kit.

Water Filtration & Evaporation Deluxe Kit

SKU: 9-302
    • Gravel
    • coarse sand
    • medium sand
    • fine sand
    • topsoil
    • wire strainer
    • measuring cup sets
    • cotton fabric
    • cotton balls
    • filters
    • filtration bottles
    • demonstration filter bottle
    • drain cups
    • evaporation trays
    • water capture dishes
    • thermometers
    • pH paper
    • salt
    • sodium bicarbonate
    • food coloring
    • rubber bands
    • 250 ml graduated cylinders
    • 500 ml solution bottles
    • 18 gallon container
    • plastic pipets
  • Sh. wt. 45lbs, DIM 27” x 27” x 21”

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