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National Standards for Grade Levels 4-7


Kemtec's Food Chain/Food Web Unit Kit facilitates spiraled and differentiated learning with stepped experiments and activities to teach both food chain (Grade 3 – 5) and food web (Grade 6 – 8) related topics. Demonstrates the intricate balance and relationships between different levels of the food chain and the importance of these levels to humans and our environment. Students observe live pond water food webs and soil habitat food chains, model the decomposition of plant matter, and design their own food chains and food webs. Activities for Grade 3-5 with grade level specific vocabulary include: Food Chains on My Dinner Plate, Design

Your Own Food Chain, Decomposition, and Who’s in Your Dirt? Activities for Grade 6-8 include Identifying Relationships in Food Chains, Forest Food Web Energy Levels, Design Your Own Food Web, Who’s in Your Dirt? (Advanced), Decomposition Experiment (Advanced), Pond Water Food Web (Trophic Levels), Energy Pyramids & Energy Flow, and Identifying Symbiotic Relationships in Food Webs. Includes an eleven day sample lesson plan for grade 3-5, a seventeen day sample lesson plan for grade 6-8, games, cross curricular activities, art projects, organism identification charts, ecosystem keys, reproducible experiments, instructions, assessment materials, answer keys and extension activities to support the units. Designed for 24 students working in groups of four.


Required but not included:

  • outdoor soil
  • turnip
  • a locally obtained water sample
  • moldy food
  • Microscopes recommended

The Food Chain

SKU: 1-124
    • Includes a forty-five page Instructor's Manual
    • Reproducible Student Pages
    • Transparency Set
    • Food Chain and Food Pyramid Cards
    • Food Chain Pictures flash drive
    • Plastic Zip Bags
    • Cotton Swabs
    • Microscope Slides
    • Plastic Well Slides
    • Microscope Coverslips
    • Transfer pipets
    • Petri Dishes
    • Agar
  • Sh. wt. 3lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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