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  • National Standards for Grade Levels 7-12


    Students gain hands on experience identifying, characterizing, and describing earth materials through seven experiments designed to determine texture, composition, particle size range, density, permeability, porosity, and pH. They learn how soils are formed, assess properties important in determining agricultural and commercial use, and discover characteristics important in assessing soil drainage, erosion, and fertility. The kit includes loam, silt, clay, sandy soil, topsoil, fine sand, coarse sand, and gravel for making classic comparisons. Additional soil samples may be used, if desired. Includes sieve sets and all required supplies for testing, complete instructor's manual with worksheets, assessment materials, and answer keys. Packaged in a reusable plastic tote. Allow 4 5 hours of lab time to complete all experiments in the soils unit. Some experiments will require observation on subsequent days. Designed for 24 students working in groups of four. Balance recommended, not included.

    Soil Analysis

    SKU: 9-300
      • Instructor's Manual
      • Plastic Storage Tote
      • Wooden Sieve Set
      • Test Tube Racks
      • Glass Test Tubes with Stoppers
      • Plastic Test Tubes
      • 32 oz Plastic Jar with Lid
      • Loam
      • Silt
      • Sandy Soil
      • Topsoil
      • Clay
      • Fine Sand
      • Coarse Sand
      • Gravel
      • 100 ml Graduated Cylinders
      • 10 ml Graduated Cylinders
      • 100 ml Beakers
      • Mesh Sieves
      • Duct Tape
      • Aluminum Sample Pans
      • Glass Microscope Slides
      • Magnifiers
      • Universal Indicator
      • Universal Color Chart
      • Metal Spoons
      • Weigh Paper
      • Filter Paper
      • Cheesecloth
      • Plastic Pipets
      • Dish Detergent
      • Rubber Bands
      • Measuring Scoops 
    • Sh. wt. 28lbs, DIM 21” x 15” x 13”


      Refill Kit 9-300R

      Sh. wt. 16lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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