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National Standards for Grade Levels 10-14


Students learn the fundamentals of thin-layer chromatography (TLC), polarity, and intermolecular forces as they separate dyes on silica gels using predetermined solvent mixtures. In an inquiry exercise, students analyze their experimental results and propose unique solvent proportions to improve the chromatography system.  After each lab group runs a newly designed experiment, all results are shared and analyzed to determine the best solvent mixture for dye separation. Ideal for AP Chemistry, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, or Honors Chemistry courses. State of the Art instructor’s manual features background material, easy to follow stepwise protocols, assessment questions, sample data, modeled calculations and an answer key.  Additional equipment required: standard laboratory supplies.  Meets AP Science Practices 1 & 5. Designed to accommodate 24 students working in groups of two.

Separating Substances by Adsorption Chromatography

SKU: 16-105
  • Sh. wt. 3lbs, DIM 12” x 8” x 8”

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