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National Standards for Grades 3-12


Students use a flow chart template and a simple sink or float methodology to identify recyclable polymers by density. Using small pieces of plastic samples, students ultimately identify each item by recycle number to determine how the plastic should be recycled in their community. Includes both support materials for teaching middle and high school topics and a differentiated lesson plan for grade level 3-5. Great for introducing the concept of recycling as students may differentiate plastics they collect. Includes common sources of household plastics for each recycle category. Ideal for teaching polymer plastics: includes the properties of individual polymers, chemical structures, descriptions, and density ranges for each recyclable polymer. Allow 30 minutes for experiment and additional time for extension activities. Class kit includes materials for 24 students working in groups of four. Requires goggles and scissors. Single kit includes one pair of goggles.

Recycling by Density Single Kit

SKU: 1-145
    • Instructor's Manual
    • Polymer Density Flow Chart Template
    • Small Plastic Cups 46% isopropanol
    • Corn Oil
    • 10% Sodium Chloride Solution
    • Distilled Water
    • Saturated Sodium Chloride Solution
    • Forceps
    • Sample Recyclable Plastic Products for Testing
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