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National Standards for Grade Levels 9-14


Cloning plant tissue makes an excellent introduction to biotechnology and sterile technique as plant propagation by cloning becomes increasingly important in food and flower production. Students germinate carrot seeds in a sterile environment to

provide plant material from which to establish a culture, use sterile technique to grow seedlings and establish a callus culture, and induce the development of multiple shoots (plantlets) from callus tissue. The process takes approximately four months. No hood or incubator is required. Includes an instruction manual, assessment questions, and flash drive with instructions and with images of plant material at various stages of the experiment. Perishable reply card items ship separately upon request and only in the continental US.

Introduction to Plant Cloning I

SKU: 2-504
    • Instruction manual
    • Instructional flash drive
    • Petri dishes
    • agar
    • sucrose
    • carrot seeds
    • spray bottles
    • paring knives
    • plastic piets
    • a prepaid reply card for perishable medias and plant preservative solution
  • Sh. wt. 6lb, DIM 24” x 12” x 12”

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