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National Standards for Grade Levels 4-6


This elementary kit allows students to model four ocean ecology scenarios as they investigate the effect of farm and industrial waste on ocean life. Brine shrimp populations, water pH and water density are monitored over the course of ecological contamination, water treatment, and recovery. Students also learn about life cycles and how to take representative samples. The kit is ideal for use as a class project or can be completed as a small group. Materials included allow the experiment to be repeated up to five times.


Required, but not included:

  • Five 1 gallon aquariums or containers
  • Balance or scale
  • A flashlight

Make an Ocean

SKU: 1-140
    • 4 Dropper bottles, 60 ml
    • 1 Hydrometer
    • 6 Medicine cups
    • 1 pH strips, pk/50
    • 1 Spoon
    • 1 Magnifying glass, small
    • 4 Straws
    • 4 Pipet, plastic
    • Toothpicks, box
    • Methylcellulose
    • Brine shrimp eggs
    • Albumin
    • Trisodium phosphate
    • Sodium carbonate
    • Calcium nitrate
    • Marine salt
    • Instructor’s manual
  • Sh. wt.  2lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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