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National Standards for Grades 2-4


Introduce the concept that light and sound are waves. Examine how light travels, refracts, and reflects. Explore how humans see color and how combining colors of pigment differs from combining colors of light.  Explore the relationship of loudness, pitch, vibration, and sound. Extension activities which may be used as performance tasks include make your own light directing system and make your own music.


Addresses NGSS 1-PS4-1, 1-PS4-2, 1-PS4-3. 1-PS4-4, and K-2-ETS1 Engineering Design Standards.

Light and Sound

SKU: 1-121
    • Red acetate sheet
    • Green acestate sheet
    • Blue acetate sheet
    • mirror
    • flashlight
    • straws
    • duct tape
    • binder clips
    • diffraction grating film
    • jars
    • white rice
    • pinto beans
    • masking tape
    • wood blocks
    • cardstock
    • paper clips
    • farm animals
    • cups
    • wax paper
    • sheet protector
    • ruler
    • bowls
  • Sh. wt. 16lbs, DIM 25” x 13” x 13”

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