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National Standards for Grade Levels 10-14


Students create and analyze four different equilibrium systems, allowing manipulation of a variety of stresses to show how systems respond by shifting in the direction that reduces stress. Students vary temperature, alter the pH of a weak acid indicator, use silver ions to draw chloride from a complex ion by precipitation, and design a set of conditions for optimum yield. Students make predictions and test their hypotheses. State of the Art instructor’s manual features background material, easy to follow stepwise protocols, assessment questions, sample data, and an answer key. Ideal for AP Chemistry, Chemistry II, or Honors Chemistry. Standard lab equipment and fume hood required.  Experiments are readily adjustable to fit your lab periods. Meets AP Science Practices 6 & 7.  Designed to accommodate 24 students working in groups of two.

Le Chatelier’s Principle

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    Box 1 DIM 9” x 6” x 5”

    Box 2 DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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