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National Standards for Grade Levels 10-14


Study the enzyme activity of invertase, amylase, and pepsin using specific enzyme assay systems. Kit includes five introductory experiments: Demonstrating Invertase Activity, Demonstrating Amylase Activity, Demonstrating Pepsin Activity, Demonstrating the Presence of Amylase in Saliva, and The Effect of Time on the Activity of Invertase. Invertase and amylase activity are measured using

a dinitrosalicylic acid color change system. Enzyme reaction rates may be measured by visual examination or spectrophotometry. Includes all required chemicals and a prepaid reply card for Invertase, amylase, pepsin & hemoglobin to be shipped separately upon request within the continental United States. Activities are appropriate for advanced biology or biochemistry courses. Requires lab glassware; including beakers, test tubes, and graduated cylinders; a hot plate or water bath, and a spectrophotometer or colorimeter, absorption 540 nm (optional). Designed for 24 working in groups of four. Labs require five 40 minute class periods.

Introduction to Enzymes

SKU: 8-100
    • Instructional Manual
    • Hydrochloric Acid
    • Buffer 1
    • Buffer 2
    • Universal Indicator Solution
    • Universal Indicator Color Charts
    • Sucrose
    • Starch
    • Dinitrosalicylic Acid Reagent
    • Syringe 
    • A pre-paid Reply Card for Amylase
    • Invertase
    • Pepsin 
    • Hemoglobin
  • Sh. wt. 3lb, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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