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National Standards for Grades 6-10


Includes six activities investigating the modes of heat transfer. The three experiments and teacher demonstration explore conduction, convection, and radiation. Students gain tactile evidence of heat transfer and measure temperatures to reinforce the concepts with data. They apply acquired knowledge in two class challenges in which they design, build, and test an Ice Preserver and a Solar Oven. Includes extensive background information for teaching lessons, assessment worksheets, problem sets, a rubric, and extension activities to support concepts. Allow 2-1/2 hours for experiments and several building hours and a test day for each of the two building challenges. Designed for 24 students working in groups of four.

Heat Transfer STEM Expedition

SKU: 11-104
    • Instructor's Manual
    • Digital Thermometers with Probes
    • Plastic Backed Thermometers
    • Insulated Ski Gloves
    • Light Knit Gloves
    • Plastic Gallon Jar with Lid
    • Large Plastic Demonstration Container
    • Spray Bottles
    • Packing Tape
    • Aluminum Foil
    • Plastic Wrap
    • Poly Test Containers with Lids
    • Black Waxed Paper Cups
    • Plastic Wrap
    • Duct Tape
    • Isopropanol
    • Fan
    • Batteries
    • Measuring Cup
    • Candle
    • Matches
    • Food Coloring
  • Sh. wt. 14lbs, DIM 25” x 13” x 13”

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