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National Standards for Grades 6-8


Students identify fossils and make castings to replicate them just like palaeontologists. The fossil castings are used to create a timeline to study the layers of the Earth and examine how the fossil record preserves the passage of time, holding the clues to evolution. Students use what they learn to create a core sample of the Earth containing fossil record evidence for other students to excavate, revealing the sequence of prehistoric time.

Geological Timeline

SKU: 9-410
    • Instruction manual
    • fossil guide
    • modeling clay
    • clay soil
    • topsoil
    • gardening soil
    • plaster of Paris
    • core sample tubes
    • excavating tools
    • fossil model set
    • polypropylene beakers
    • excavating plates
    • toothpicks
    • 10 gallon container
  • Sh. wt. 27lbs, DIM 21” x 15” x 13”

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