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  • National Standards for Grades K-4


    You provide the design and pit crews, we provide everything else. This project based learning kit has students building cars to specifications to meet K-2 Engineering Design Performance Expectations. Student teams are tasked with creating a car destined to win the Kindie 500. They use the variety of materials provided and problem solve to determine how they will design, build, and test the car that moves the fastest. The infinite possible solutions and iterations preecede the final race and fuel engaging discussions for comparing and optimizing design solutions. Works as a performance task in conjunction with Kemtec kit 1-010, Forces & Motion: Pushes & Pulls or as a stand alone kit. It may be used in conjunction with tracks or ramps.

    Force & Motion: Car Building

    SKU: 1-010-PT
      • Blocks
      • modeling clay
      • wooden wheel, 1/2"
      • wooden wheels, 3/4"
      • plastic wheels
      • small boxes
      • wooden skewers
      • dominoes
      • cutting tool
      • screw eyes
      • masking tape
      • cotton string
      • clear tape
      • labels
      • glue
      • straws
    • Sh. wt. 7lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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