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National Standards for Grade Levels 6-14


Keep water testing simple for students with custom EndPoint ID® Water Test Kits. Designed for analyzing natural waters using colorimetric titration protocols with easy to follow step-by-step color illustrated instructions for identifying endpoint color changes to ensure accuracy.  Safety and precision are top priority, so EndPoint ID® kits feature full color visual safety and testing icons to highlight proper handling and accurate testing techniques. Durable waterproof instructions are chemical and tear resistant and include educational information about each test.  Each kit performs 50 tests. TK1113-EDU Shown


Also available: 

  • TK1078-Z Acidity Test Kit
  • TK1077-Z Alkalinity Test Kit
  • TK1113-EDU Chloride Test Kit
  • TK6975-Z Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit
  • TK3061-Z Hardness Test Kit
  • TK9900-EDU pH Test Kit
  • TK3059-EDU Total & Calcium Hardness Test Kit

EndPoint ID® Water Test Kits

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