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National Standards for Grades 6-8


Wondering what space is like? Ever question why distances in space are described in terms of light years? Explore the unique properties of Earth, the planets, and other bodies within and outside our solar system. Model how the tilt of the Earth causes the seasons, how eclipses occur, the scale of the solar system, intricacies of compound orbits, planetary motion, the Big Bang Theory, how planets form, phases of the moon, and movement of the moon in the night sky. Extend your exploration by planning a short space mission. Optional materials 17-103, Gravity Well and 17-104, Solar System Model Building.

Earth's Place in the Universe

SKU: 17-102
    • Instructor's manual
    • light socket base
    • 100W equivalent LED light bulb
    • flashlights
    • modeling clay
    • dowel rods
    • globe model balls
    • inflatable globe
    • colored planet balls
    • straws, protractors
    • rectangular pan
    • gravel
    • fine sand
    • soil
    • simulated meteorites
    • wood spools
    • string
    • push pins
    • nuts
  • Sh. wt. 35lbs, DIM 25” x 13” x 13”

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