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  • National Standards for Grades 7-14


    Students construct this DNA model from 144 plastic DNA building pieces including six different repeated molecular shapes, collectively depicting sixteen nucleotide base pairs of DNA (8 Adenosine Thymine and 8 Guanine Cytosine). The base pairs and the sugar and phosphate units are each manufactured as single plastic units. Nine molecular parts per nucleotide pair snap together using pop-in beads. The model is easily assembled, disassembled, and rebuilt, enabling extended use. May be painted either prior to or following assembly. Kit includes detailed building instructions and an extensive DNA problem set. After completing the kit activities, students will have gained a solid understanding of the double helical structure and the function and properties of DNA. Contains instruction manual, plastic building pieces, rod, spacers, and wooden base. Building and painting project ideal for up to six students at a time. Product sold with (Kit 9-102) or without (Kit 9-100) paint and paint brushes.

    DNA Model with Paint Single Kit

    SKU: 9-102
      • Instruction Manual
      • Wooden Model Base
      • Metal Rod and Hardware Set
      • DNA Model Pieces Set
      • Optional Paint Set (6 colors plus paint thinner)
      • Paint Brush Set
      • Plastic Clippers
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