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National Standards for Grades 3-6


Students build a simple conductivity tester and use the circuit to test the properties of a variety of solid materials. They analyze the same solids to determine whether they are magnetic. The data collected is compared to evaluate the properties that make an item conductive or magnetic. Experiments include The Human Circuit, Building Your Conductivity Tester, Exploring Conductivity, Exploring Magnetism, and Testing the Conductivity of Fruits and Vegetables. Includes all testing materials, a manual complete with background information, and reproducible student materials. A great lead in for electricity, circuits, and introducing physical science based concepts. Allow one hour lab time for experimentation. Goggles are required; one pair is included in the single kit.

Exploring Conductivity of Solids

SKU: 13-102
    • Instructor's Manual with Reproducible Student Protocols and Data Sheets
    • Conductivity Test Leads with Bulbs
    • Sugar
    • Sodium Chloride
    • Baking Soda
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Copper Sulfate
    • Copper Shot
    • Ethanol
    • Deionized Water
    • Corn Oil
    • Vinegar
    • Gloves
    • Electrical Tape
    • 9 Volt Batteries
    • Battery Snap Connectors
    • Medicine Cups
    • Scoops
    • Paper Clips
    • Toothpicks
    • Propel Drink Mix Powder
    • Gatorade Drink Mix Powder
  • Sh. wt. 3lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

    Single Sh. wt. 2lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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