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National Standards for Grade Levels 7-12


In Chemical Formulas I, students determine the correct chemical formulas for compounds experimentally. By combining chemicals in specific amounts and finding the ratio of ions that produce the greatest amount of precipitate, they derive the chemical formulas for calcium carbonate and copper hydroxide. Includes two experiments, all required chemicals, background lecture information, reproducible worksheets, data sheets, procedures, vocabulary, and answer keys. Allow one-hour lab time. May be divided into two 30 minute labs. Designed for 24 students working in groups of four.

Chemical Formulas I

SKU: 13-122
    • Instructor's Manual
    • Calcium Chloride Solution
    • Sodium Carbonate Solution
    • Copper Sulfate Solution
    • Sodium Hydroxide Solution
    • Dropper Bottles
  • Sh. wt. 2lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”


    Refill Kit 13-122R 

    Sh. wt. 1lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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