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  • National Standards for Grades 6-12


    Teach engineering through hands-on design, construction, testing, and the iterative process. Students are tasked with creating the structure with the highest strength to weight ratio to win this engineering competition! Includes differentiated instructions for teaching middle school students basic engineering process and design iteration by studying failure, and teaching high school students basic statics, free body diagrams, failure modes, and member sizing calculations while complying with STEM education standards. Includes materials and tools for constructing six boomilevers; instruction manual complete with eight day lesson plan, background information, and sample calculations, basswood members, balsa members, adhesive, adjustable cutters, and base material. An ideal training kit for Science Olympiad and other building competitions.


    Required: electric drill and .” bit. Single kit makes six boomilevers and is designed for 1-4 students.

    Boomilever Single Kit

    SKU: 15-235
      • Instructor's Manual with Reproducible Student Data Sheets
      • Balsa Wood
      • Bass Wood
      • Ultimate Cutting Tool with Protractor
      • Mini Hacksaw
      • Half Meterstick
      • Superglue
      • Screwdriver
      • Graph Paper
      • Masking Tape
      • Clear Tape
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