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National Standards for Grades 8-12


Finally, a safer, more affordable option for experiencing gel electrophoresis in the classroom!  Now anyone can learn the essentials of this classic molecular biology technique pivotal to biotech research. Students isolate DNA samples from live organisms, make their own buffers and reagents, and run the samples on agarose gels they pour themselves.  Then they stain the DNA with methylene blue to visualize the samples. A wonderful classroom tested option for those without pricey biotechnology equipment. Kit includes all materials, supplies, and instructions for isolating DNA, making running buffers, creating tracking dyes, pouring and running gels, and staining DNA....including the power sources. Materials and supplies for 100s of DNA sample isolations and up to 50 agarose gels. DNA Extraction - 45 minutes, Reagent & Gel Preparation - 45 minutes, Electrophoresis - 90 minutes. Designed with six gel running stations. Ideal for 24 students working in groups of four.

Biotechniques: Electrophoresis

SKU: 8-504
    • Instruction Manual
    • Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flasks
    • Glass Test tubes
    • 18mm x 150mm
    • 12V Batteries
    • Test tube racks 
    • Beakers 
    • Test tubes
    • 13mm x 100mm
    • Electrode wire
    • Needle nose pliers
    • Agar Powder
    • Alligator Clip Leads
    • Electrophoresis Combs
    • Petri Dishes
    • Glycerine
    • Sodium Chloride
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Methylene blue indicator
    • Detergent
    • Isopropanol
    • Food Dyes
    • Wooden stirrers
    • Loading Pipets
    • Plastic transfer pipets
    • Filters, 5 ml microtubes
    • 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes
    • Food coloring
    • Protease
    • Plastic knives
    • Zip lock bags
  • Sh. wt. 35lbs, DIM 25” x 13” x 13”


    Single Kit 8-503

    Sh. wt. 7lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”

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