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National Standards for Grade Levels 8-14


Biogas is now used to power engines, generate electricity, cook food, and heat homes. Create your own bio-renewable energy using readily available organic waste materials. This basic tool allows students to explore and investigate the biogas generation process. Simply vary the biomass source and/or digestion temperature and you have a variety of comparative experiments to analyze. This kit features a biogas digester, a one gallon biogas collection bag, all necessary fittings and tubing, a check valve, a combustion nozzle assembly, and safety equipment for one person (goggles, gloves, and apron). Anticipate gas production within one to four weeks using 1/2 gallon of antibiotic-free manure in chlorine-free water when kept at 80-100˚F.


    • Instructions
    • Plastic Digester Jar w/ Screw Cap
    • Gas Collection Bag
    • Brass Fitting
    • Check Valve
    • Elbow Barb
    • Impact Goggles
    • Lab Apron
    • Gloves
    • O-Ring
    • Vinyl Repair Patches
  • Sh. wt. 3lbs, DIM 8” x 8” x 12”

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