• National Standards for Grade Level 7-12


    Can your aspiring ballistics experts determine once and for all whether Sacco and Vanzetti committed this crime? Students reconstruct the crime scene of the infamous Sacco and Vanzetti case and calculate projectile trajectories using a map of gunshot evidence, ballistics blocks, and trajectory rods. They learn to recreate shootings using string and laser techniques. With inactive dummy cartridges, fired bullets, and fired casings, students learn to characterize ammunition. They use gunshot residue analysis to determine which suspects fired guns during the crime. A guilty or an innocent scenario may be created using evidence for students to collect from the crime scene and analyze to support their case in court. Includes a complete Instructor's Manual, a reproducible Ballistics Student Lab handbook, reproducible experimental protocols, instructions and documents for holding a mock trial, and additional cross curricular extension activities addressing the social and political issues surrounding the case. This kit contains mainly reusable materials. Estimated class/lab time required to complete all seven experiments: 10-12 hours over 7-10 days. Additional class and research time are necessary to accommodate the extension activities and the mock trial activity. Designed for 24 students working in small groups. Recommended: stereomicroscope and a balance.


    Warning: Danger, kit contains lasers, avoid eye exposure. Product intentionally contains lead bullets and lead nitrate. 


    Warning: Lasers are used in this kit. Prepare students by teaching laser safety.

    Ballistics: The Sacco & Vanzetti Case

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      • Instructor's ManualStudent Lab Handbook & Extension Activities (& Mock Trial) Manual
      • Boxed Ballistics Training Set (Fired bullets with casings; 18-20 pieces)
      • Ballistics Evidence Map (Non-tear, Chemical Resistant Sheets)
      • Ballistics evidence Set (4 bullets, 4 casings)
      • Cartridge Identification Set (16 pieces)
      • Stainless Steel Vernier calipers
      • Set of 4 Ballistic blocks with trajectory rods
      • Lead Nitrate
      • Rhodizonic Acid
      • Barium Nitrate
      • Hydrochloric Acid
      • Rolls of String
      • Laser Pointers
      • Laser Adapter
      • Zero Base Protractors
      • Simulated Blood
      • Plastic Pipets
      • Duct Tape
      • Cotton and cotton/poly blend fabrics
      • Masking Tape
      • Retractable Tape Measures
      • Evidence Bags
      • Hand Lenses
      • Evidence Seal Tape
      • Permanent Markers
      • Evidence Envelopes
      • Coin Envelopes
      • Crime Scene Tape
      • Filter paper
      • Toothbrush
      • Spray bottles
      • Condiment Cup
      • Tweezers
    • Sh. wt. 4lbs, DIM 13” x 12” x 5”